Travel Dates

I’m a Madison, Wisconsin Wedding Photographer, but I travel frequently and would love to visit where you call home. If I’m heading to your neck of the woods and you’d like to work together, get in touch! Below is what’s on my current travel agenda, but keep in mind we can always add to it since travel is included within the country.


November 8th – 12th – Baltimore, MD
November 12th – 16th – Charleston, SC
November 19th – 25th – Colorado

January 7th – 13th – Portland, OR
January 14th – 21st – Fort Worth, TX
January 28th – February 4th – Iceland
February  – Hawai’i
March 18th – 23rd – Split, Croatia
March 25th – March 28th – Saint Kitts
March 29th – April 1st – Chicago, IL
June 15th – 16th – Minneapolis, MN